What to do in Cabanas?

Cabanas de Tavira is a former fishing village situated around 7 km east of Tavira town where the lagoons begin in the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve. Cabanas derives its name from the fishing huts that were built in the early 18th century; literally "Huts of Tavira". The village has a chilled out vibe and it is impossible to be anything other than relaxed in this charming location. With just 1000 permanent residents and clean, beautiful beaches, it is no surprise that visitors love this little piece of paradise on the Algarve. Today, there are low rise houses, bars, shops and restaurants facing on to the famous Ria Formosa Nature Park.

Cabanas evolved around the tuna fishing industry which began in 1734. There was a need for places to store equipment and act as a base for the fishermen so the huts (cabanas) were constructed. These huts were only used during the tuna fishing season but around 1757, some of the fishermen decided to build permanent homes for themselves and their families.

The village still revolves around fishing and the catch of tuna, razor clams, regular clams and cockles are used in local gastronomy. If fresh sea food is your thing, there is no better place to eat. Tourism these days plays a big part in the economy of Cabanas contributing to work for the residents. The village residents ensure that visitors are made most welcome and there is a variety of accommodation on offer to suit everyone. We are proud to offer some delightful properties for the visitor to rent for a week or two on our web site. In 1997 Cabanas was granted village status from being just a parish and continues to be watched over by patron saint Nossa Senhora do Mar (Our Lady of the Sea).

Cabanas is a location rich in history and natural heritage. The fauna and flora of the area is remarkable and for nature lovers it is an opportunity to be at one with the natural habitat. For other visitors, the range of restaurants, accommodation and the amazing 7 km long blue flag Cabana beach will provide plenty of ways to pass the time when not relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere.

For anyone seeking to really relax and unwind, then Cabanas is the place to be!

Ideal Restaurant
Ideal is one of the most privileged restaurants in Cabanas de Tavira, with a warm and family atmosphere. It offers great Algarve cuisine. You will find the famous sea soup served in a typical bread with fish and assorted seafood. You will not want to miss the delicious octopus fritters with tomato rice, halibut fish with almond, octopus and hake fillets. 

Mariscos e Petiscos Restaurant

Mariscos e Petiscos is undoubtedly one of the best choices in Cabanas if you are looking for tasty seafood. At this restaurant you will find several different seafood dishes, such as skewered monk fish, octopus fillets with broccoli rice and assorted seafood (called mariscada) served on a platter for 2 or more people. Mariscos e Petiscos offers diverse fish and seafood. It also has an appealing dessert menu.

O Pedro Restaurant
O Pedro is one of the restaurants in Cabanas with an excellent team of chefs with an instinct for combining fresh ingredients. The house specialties are cataplana clams (clams steamed in a copper pan), pork with clams, Algarve shrimp skewers, and bacalhau à Pedro (codfish). Do not miss the Fado evenings with local musicians. This restaurant serves regional desserts.

Monteiro Restaurant
Monteiro is a great choice if you are visiting Cabanas. It has a friendly atmosphere and service, besides excellent dishes like the famous Madeira beef skewer, fish cataplana, Algarve octopus,and seafood rice. This restaurant has a dessert menu, including regional sweets.

Noélia and Jerónimo Restaurant
Noélia and Jerónimo is also one of the most established restaurants in Cabanas. It offers regional cuisine with many Mediterranean dishes. The house specialties are braised tuna, moonfish fillets with bread soup, fried octopus and pork cataplana, among other excellent dishes. This restaurant has a dessert menu, including regional sweets.

Europa Restaurant
Europa is one of the restaurants where you will find great fish from our coast. If you visit Cabanas and are looking for grilled fish then this is an excellent choice. Its specialties are grilled eel,grilled sea bass, carne à Alentejana, and tuna steak. It has a letter of regional and homemade desserts. This restaurant has a dessert and regional sweets menu.

Gastronomy Restaurant
This restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and its menu is designed to enhance the wealth of the best regional products. At Gastronomy you can enjoy a meal with a view of the Ria Formosa and every detail has been thought to create an unforgettable atmosphere. The specialties are seafood and fish cataplana, Black Angus Beef (an exclusive recipe by Gastronomy), and lobster. It has an excellent dessert and regional sweets menu.

Dunas Snack-Bar
Dunas, located in Cabanas, is one of our top recommendations. Here you can find a variety of regional appetizers and dishes of the day. The house specialty is clam rice, fried octopus and mayonnaise streak. You can also enjoy cockles, clams and snails. Regional desserts are also available.